About-IDEASTEP, Orthopaedic Insole Famous Brand
- Apr 12, 2018 -

About-IDEASTEP,Orthopaedic Insole Famous Brand


         Founded in 1992, IDEASTEP is an orthopaedic brand ,Belong to XIAMEN KON TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. With independent development of new product capabilities and 26 years of experience in orthopedic insole production.  It is the first company in China to own American orthopedic physician.

         CEO Mr.Kai kang,C.Ped.4290#.  He is American orthopedic physician,led 11 people development team to work on Orthopedic Insoles    
         And owns a large factory Has 38 machines,5 production lines,
230 production staff,50 million pairs annual output.

Pls enjoy the company introduction video: