Choose Your Favorite Orthotic Insole And Give It To Your Favorite Person.
- Jun 15, 2018 -

This year give someone you love a gift that will last a lifetime. Those suffering from foot pain, heel pain, knee pain and back pain would love nothing more to find relief this holiday season.

A pair of custom foot orthotics from IDEASTEP is exactly what the doctor ordered. Literally! A custom orthotic device will bring the foot and ankle into proper alignment an in many cases allow a person to walk, run, or bend properly for the very first time in their lives.

Not everyone is able to offer a truly custom foot orthotic and it CANNOT be found in any drugstore or infomercial. To be custom, a mold of each foot must be cast and analyzed by a professional Pedorthist or Podiatrist and then fabricated by an experienced lab technician according to a prescription.

It is very rare for one of our feet to exactly match the other so the chances of your foot or the foot of someone you love to match an orthotic insert that is already made is slim to none.

Here is how IDEASTEP can deliver a truly custom fit orthotic to your door for Christmas. First we send our Quickmeasure Kit to be wrapped and placed under the tree. When the gift is opened the recipient will make a custom mold of their foot according to the included instructions and have a perfect foot cast molded in seconds. Then they simply return the foot cast to IDEASTEP in the pre-paid packaging and pain relief will arrive in a matter of days.

It is a particularly good time of year to send Custom Foot Orthotics as a gift because many people we love are about to embark on their New Year’s Resolutions of good health through exercise. Orthoses will help prevent the type of injuries suffered from over exertion or bad form. These injuries include shin splints, ankle sprains and strains, torn ligaments and muscles and knee, hip and back pain.

Everyone can use the gift of proper foot care and pain relief. Whether it is a grandparent who suffers minor pain or stiffness while walking, a nephew looking for an advantage on the soccer field or a runner looking to run pain free, give the gift that will change someone's life forever.

Mr. Kang Kai C.Ped.4290#,who set up our team specializing in Biomedical, Biological Materials ,Kinematics and Physiology, Accredited to the United States "American Board of Certification of Pedorthotic " to be the 1st Certification Pedorthist in China Mainland, Proficient in all kinds of foot orthoses.

We carry a full line of custom foot orthotics! Sports orthotics, Dress Orthotics, Causal Orthotics, Express Correct Foot Orthotics and Orthotics for Sandals. Additional we have created the finest high tech pre-designed foot orthotics on the market. Take care of your feet with our custom foot orthotic, arch supports, shoe insoles and footwear! Visit our online Foot Orthotics Store!

Welcome to our website your favorite orthotic insole and give it to your favorite person.

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