Do Your Orthotics Fit Properly?
- Aug 30, 2018 -

Do Your Orthotics Fit Properly?

So, you have a brand-new set of custom orthotics—are your foot or pain problems solved? Not necessarily. For your orthotics to be effective, you need to make sure they fit correctly.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering your orthotic fit:

Does it fit in your shoe properly?

It’s important to bring the shoes you will wear the orthotics in to your fitting appointment. Most likely, they will remove the existing insole of the shoe and replace it with the orthotic. It will need to fit snugly in the heel and not be too long in the toes. Your doctor or pedorthist can make any needed adjustments. They may trim the orthotics at the toe to make sure it fits. Please do not trim your orthotics yourself—you may get it wrong and cause yourself unnecessary problems.

Does it fit your foot?

Custom orthotics are fitted to your particular set of feet—so you should feel the orthotic on the surface of your foot. There shouldn’t be any gaps in the arch or strong pressure points where it may be too high.

Do you feel ‘off-balance?’

If you had muscle imbalance before you got your orthotics, you may feel a little bit ‘off’ when you wear them as your muscles correct. However, you shouldn’t feel ‘over-corrected.’ Your feet and ankles should be straight (not rolling to one side or the other) and you should feel that you are standing straight.

Are you feeling new pain?

Your new orthotics should provide significant relief, although they can take some getting used to. To help with that, many podiatrists and pedorthists will recommend that you begin wearing your new inserts gradually, building up to full-time wear.

Wearing your orthotics can feel odd at first because your feet will be in a new position and you may not be as comfortable as you were hoping for—yet. However, any new soreness or pain in your feet, knees, hips or back should be reported to your doctor or pedorthist. The same goes for any redness or blistering—these are strong signs that you don’t have a proper fit.

Because everyone’s feet are unique and each situation is different, please have a candid discussion with your podiatrist or pedorthist about how your orthotics fit. Ask any questions you may have and let them know of any concerns at all. It’s important to make sure your orthotics fit properly so they can help you feel better.