Doctor Transfiguration Insole Maker With Insole To Treat Flat Feet
- Jan 19, 2018 -

        There is such a doctor, in addition to his normal diagnosis and treatment, there is an important job is to make insoles for patients. Doctors do insoles? This seemingly weird thing, he has done for 4 years. He is the Second People's Hospital of Chengdu rehabilitation medicine doctor to Chao, we call him "insoles doctor."
       Yesterday morning, the Second City Hospital Rehabilitation Medicine, the doctor to the super-are making the patient's foot plaster model. To the super, each individual's feet are different, need plaster bandage shaping, perfusion gypsum foot model, tailor-made insoles for patients in need of correction.
      One of the plaster models is a small foot model for 8-year-old girls. According to little mother, Ms. Ho said that I have been observing the child's feet, her left foot has been very serious inside the character, the outer wear of the heel of the soles are also very serious, this time thinking of the doctor.

      Small is a flat foot. Flatfoot will cause X-type legs, O-legs, walking will appear within the character, the outer character. The best correction age is 4-14 years old, the chance of healing can reach 90%. Patients aged 14 and over wear corrective insoles that can relieve pain and prevent deterioration. The difference between orthopedic insoles and ordinary insoles is that orthopedic insoles are mainly used to help treat flat feet, high arch, tibial varus and other diseases. It uses imported polymer materials, flexibility and strength are required.
     So how should parents determine whether children have flat feet? The doctor also gave some advice: The first is to pay attention to the child's walking posture, if the character is very serious, or X-type legs, O-legs, parents should pay special attention.