Features You May Not Want To See In Best Shoe Inserts For Standing All Day
- Nov 19, 2018 -

Features You May Not Want to See in Best Shoe Inserts for Standing All Day

Sometimes the best way to determine the best shoe inserts for standing all day is to look at what you don’t want in them or what is lacking in them.


best shoe inserts for standing all day

best shoe inserts for standing all day


When you’re standing all day long teaching children in the classes, working as a sales person or business executive, or modeling on the runway in front of thousands of people watching, the last thing you want to show on your face is pain. Foot pain gives you the look of discomfort and it undermines your charisma. That’s why school teachers need their own specially made shoe insoles for teachers.


Another way to think about this is that whenever you have any body pain, your mind is constantly trying to focus your attention on the pain, and not what you are doing. Thus, your concentration is diverted – and that shows.


So if you’re standing in front of a class full of students and they see you squirming around trying to find the most comfortable position, they’ll interpret your message as something that isn’t 100% accurate. Body posture while we speak is tied to the believability of our message. However, when you wear shoe insoles for teachers – ones designed specifically for standing long hours – then your charisma improves because foot pain is relieved.


If you’re in business and are giving a big presentation to potential clients, what they want to see is your 100% undivided attention. That to them means you are interested in them, you are healthy, and it’s a sign of a productive relationship for the future. People are always shying away from hiring or starting a relationship with someone who is ill (for business types of relationships) because the stability of the relationship is questioned.


The bottom line here is you have to do what it takes to decrease foot pain and fatigue, and the simplest way to do exactly that is to get the best shoe inserts for standing.


Here’s a list of five features to consider as ones you may not want in your selection of the best shoe inserts for standing:


1. Made of Very Hard Ungiving Plastic Material

Some shoe inserts, mostly the customized orthotics made to your feet, are made of very hard durable material. This is good because these types of shoe inserts will last a longer period of time but on the other hand, they are difficult to wear for long periods of time in the beginning. You’ll have to either wear this type for a few hours and then switch it out in the middle of the day, or simply select another that doesn’t need time for your foot to adapt to it.


2. Not Heat Moldable

Heat moldable shoe inserts for standing could be good or bad. They’re good when they have two layers – one top layer that molds to your feet and the bottom that maintains its structure. They’re not necessarily for you if they completely conform to your feet and your feet aren’t perfect. You don’t want to reinforce your foot’s imperfections.


3. Don’t Allow Your Toes Wiggle Room

Some of the best shoe inserts for standing are made for shoes that are tight. Others are not made for tight shoes and will end up cutting off the circulation to your toes. Your toes may feel numb when this happens and you will want to remove your shoes quickly as soon as you get home from work. Choose either thin shoe inserts made for tight-fitting shoes or choose ones that are three-quarter length to allow toes to wiggle.


4. Not Trimmable

Trimmable shoe inserts make a big difference in your shoes because you can make them exactly fit a current pair of shoes.


5. No Sweat Control

If your feet sweat, you’ll need inserts or insoles that are made from natural breathable types of materials such as cotton, leather, and wool, or ones that are made with the latest technology that allows air circulation to occur when you wear them.

shoe insoles for teachers

shoe insoles for teachers