Foot Correction Principle
- Jun 08, 2018 -

                                Foot correction principle

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Especially the elderly. With healthy feet, we can live a happy life. Otherwise, we cannot walk at all or suffer from pain. Foot health consists of two aspects. One is that there is no deformity of the foot or a mild, painless deformity. Second, walking exercise is painless.

However, after middle age, as the human body's ability to compensate for the loss of function, the foot will appear one way or another of problems, such as inlay nail, can cause severe thyroiditis or osteomyelitis, pain is unbearable. It seriously affects our daily life. Metatarsal pain and sesamoid pain caused by hallux valgus deformity, or interplantar neuroma. All of these can cause pain and upset during walking. Light affects travel, heavy affects daily life.

In addition, there are some congenital flat feet or secondary flat feet caused by the day after tomorrow. Due to the drop of the arch, the pain in the medial ankle joint is caused by the pain caused by retrotibial tendinitis. Severe pain can also lead to lateral ankle pain, which is the pain caused by the lateral soft tissue impingement of the calcaneal valgus.

Like a high arch foot. The pressure under the first to fifth metatarsal bone is too high because the arch is too high. Light causes hyperplasia of the corpus callosum, and severe cases lead to pain and even ulcers.

There are also traumatic pain, such as pain in the anterolateral ankle after a sprained ankle (usually caused by anterior talofibular ligament damage or sinus tarsal syndrome). Or the pain caused by the subnavicular osteitis.

Other chronic injuries can be painful. Such as heel pain or plantar aponeurositis Achilles tendinitis.

These chronic aches and pains do not lead to immediate difficulties, but they are always uncomfortable, upsetting, and unsatisfying. People often resort to a plaster, or ointment, or medication or closure. But the effect is not very good, as long as walking, foot pain is still the same. Doctors have also struggled with such diseases, with less effective conservative treatment and less dramatic surgery. And there is no certainty that surgery will cure it. Above all, patients fear surgery. So there's no cure for this disease. The answer is yes. All of the above pain can be relieved by foot correction of the insole. It sounds amazing, but I know the magic of it. All this becomes easy to understand as long as you understand how insoles work. Walking foot pain is mainly refers to stand the pain caused by damage to the main reason is due to various of the plantar pressure distribution or foot joint instability, sum up a word is the one physical line out of the question. And the function of insole is to adjust the force line, stabilize the joint, alleviate the pain caused by stress abnormality.

So is it true that all insoles can have the same effect? At present, there are many manufacturers producing orthodontic insole in the market. There are also many vendors that offer tailor-made orthopedic insoles. Among them, the good and the bad are intermingled, so it is difficult for patients to distinguish which one is superior in quality. It is also difficult for doctors who recommend insoles to patients to follow up after use. It's usually done after a recommendation. I have been engaged in ankle and foot clinical work for more than 10 years. While doing the surgery, I also devote myself to the research on the production of orthodontic insole, which has a lot of experience. A good pair of orthopedic insoles can cure more than 80 percent of foot pain.

First of all, the quality of a pair of orthopedic insoles should be evaluated by the patient. It's not about equipment or technology, like foot prints, molds, 3d scans. Why do you say that? First of all, the above methods are carried out in static or under load or without load. The human body is constantly changing between load bearing and non-load bearing. It also involves walking posture or gait. In addition, human beings are emotional animals, not model patients that we think are satisfied by high-tech means. Only the patient knows if the shoes fit. Therefore, the model obtained by any means should be constantly revised. Either you flip it or you increase it. Make the patient satisfied. So what model is the best for us to process? After many years of clinical experience, the models obtained under semi - loading condition are easy to modify. However, it is quite difficult to get the mold, the negative weight is not easy to grasp, and the mold obtained with the help of the foot print or 3D scanning cannot achieve the goal. Sometimes, we don't have to try so hard to get the mold. The development of foreign countries in this respect is relatively early and relatively perfect. There are some things that we can use directly with the help of current technology. For example, the ready-made rectification insole in Europe and the United States is modified on this basis, so that the wearer's lower limb force line can be corrected or approximately corrected. How to adjust the patient's lower limb force line is not only very demanding for the operator's technology and knowledge, but also requires the operator to be extremely patient. The insole made by the wrong person cannot achieve the purpose of treatment.