How Do You Prevent Over-Pronation?
- Sep 20, 2018 -

    How do you Prevent Over-Pronation?


   To prevent over-pronation, you need two things. First, you need to stabilize the heel and ankle to prevent your ankle from rolling inward while stepping. Second, you need to have an arch support that will both prevent over-collapse of the arch and help guide the foot in a natural amount of pronation with each step.

A deep heel cup will help “lock” the ankle and lower arch in place, preventing the arch of the foot from over-collapsing and keeping the ankle from rolling too much in any direction while taking steps. Similarly, the arch support will prevent the arch of the foot from over-collapsing during steps, guiding the foot in a natural motion by stopping the foot at the point of natural pronation. Both of these combined will keep your feet from over-pronating.