How Orthotics Help Flat Feet
- May 03, 2018 -

The Causes of Flat Feet

Foot shape and arch type have a strong hereditary component, but a number of conditions and events can cause or contribute to flat feet:

  •     A posterior tibial tendon tear can cause the arches to fall.

  •    Obesity and pregnancy put excessive stress on the arches and tendons and cause the arch to flatten.

  •     Systemic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes can also lead to fallen arches and flat feet.

    A flattening of the arch often occurs as a result of the aging process.


How Orthotic Insole works?

   Stretching and strengthening the arch and calves will help relieve the pain associated with flat feet. But finding supportive insoles for flat feet will provide the long-term arch support your feet really need.

    Some people think: "My arches are so low. I should only provide the minimal amount of support or it will cause them to become sore." Others say: “I have flat feet, so wouldn’t I want more supportive insole to make up for low arches?" The answers to both these questions is a frustrating yes. The key to finding the right arch support for people with flat feet lies with the individual. Every person has specific needs.

    However, the best insole for flat feet will have strong arch support no matter the height. Soft, cushioned inserts might seem like the best insoles for flat feet. But what your feet really need is structural support. Soft, cushioned insoles will provide temporary relief. But they won't support the arches.

    The best insoles for flat feet will fully support your arch and stabilize your heel to concentrate the fatty pad underneath your heel bone. This will both prevent overpronation and provide firm support. Typically, the best insoles for flat feet will have a low but supportive arch. However, you should try different heights to determine which one will adequately support your feet.

    Remember, people with flat feet should not wear shoes without support (or that don't let you add insoles). High heels, flip-flops, and sandals can aggravate pain associated with flat feet. Supporting the arch with a structurally sound insole will do wonders for supporting the foot and relieving pain.