How To Fit Orthotics In Your Shoes
- Jul 04, 2018 -

How To Fit Orthotics In Your Shoes

Custom molded foot orthotics provide protection against pain and injury. Custom orthotics can be specially designed to match your foot type, foot condition and activity level and are made by a podiatrist or other healthcare professional. Orthotics are not meant to fit in all shoes. You should select a shoe that has extra or added depth and a removeable insole. The shoe should also offer a stiff sole. Most shoes on our site offer removeable insoles. In order for your orthotics to provide you the best protection against pain and injury you should wear them as much as possible. But with sandal season coming, what can you do? 

Yes, you can also wear orthoses and sandals! For comfortable feet and "free of shoes", we offer sandals with detachable insoles.

Sandals custom orthoses allow you to enjoy custom comfort - even if you don't wear shoes. Sandals are perfect throughout the day, after standing at work or in the office. However, when you don't wear shoes, you won't wear a braces! In fact, clinical investigations have shown that orthopedic patients can achieve up to 33% or more of additional orthopedic treatment time by wearing custom orthoses wearing sandals or wood cl.

Off-the-shelf orthoses (often referred to as bow brackets) are often found in retail stores - including sporting goods stores, shoe stores online stores and pharmacies. They are non-custom devices designed to provide gentle support for the arch and help distribute weight more evenly along the sole of the foot. They are sometimes referred to as "prefabricated orthoses".

Your doctor may recommend this type of bracket for a variety of reasons. Most commonly, braces are used to control severe flat feet, unstable ankles or feet/ankles, with abnormal or painful movements. By controlling exercise, you can usually improve function and reduce pain.

This unique support fits your feet and ankles so you can comfortably “hug” your ankles. Compared with most braces, this can better fit the shoes.