How To Help Treat Flat Foot?
- Jun 21, 2018 -

  • How to help treat flat foot?

  • flat foot

Flat feet can be very uncomfortable and painful. Individuals who suffer from them may choose to use arch supports to help relieve some of the pain and take pressure off the arches and the ligaments and tendons that support them. Arch supports can be purchased over-the-counter or they can be made by a doctor to specifically fit ones feet. Obviously, the former will be much less expensive and they can be purchased and in an individual’s possession much faster then if a person were to go to a doctor and have them made. For individuals who need immediate support buying arch supports for flat feet online or over-the-counter, may be a good short term option. However, it may eventually be necessary to have them custom made. Many of the newer arch supports for flat feet work very well and can provide individuals who need them, the proper support to minimize pain and discomfort.

Because most insoles do not offer adequate support, it may be necessary to purchase arch supports. Add poor construction and inexpensive materials used by many shoe manufacturing company with constant walking and the natural pounding of the feet and subsequently, foot pain develops. In order for individuals to be able to function as optimally as possible, it may be necessary to reinforce the shoe and arch supports can often do just that.It is important to choose a good pair of orthopedic insoles. Here I recommend a flat foot insole for you.


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When the tibialis posterior tendon stretches or the ligaments which support the foot’s arch are stretched, flat feet may be the result. This may also happen if there are tears in the ligaments or tendons in the feet. This can be quite painful and make it difficult for individuals to walk and function normally. Depending on the severity of the condition and the cause, a doctor may prescribe a number of different treatments. For individuals who don’t have flat feet due to torn ligaments or tendons, arch supports may be all that is needed.

When the ligaments or tendons are only stretched but not torn, arch supports can provide individuals with some relief. Therefore, it is important for individuals who believe that they have flat feet to be examined by a podiatrist when possible. If it is not, a careful self examination of the feet and consideration of all symptoms may be all that is necessary. However, a podiatrist will be able to make a definitive prognosis on whether or not a person actually suffers from flat feet. There are test that they will perform and put the patient through, to make this determination. If individuals aren’t able to afford a visit to a podiatrist, but believe that they have flat feet, purchasing and using arch supports is one good option to try, If they do not fix the problem, at least one treatment option has been eliminated.

Once it has been definitively determined that a person has flat feet, they may be prescribed some type of treatment to decrease inflammation. They may also be asked to rest so that any ligaments or tendon injuries can heal. They will then likely be given some type of arch supports. Taken together, this can alleviate a lot of the pain and discomfort associated with flat feet.

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