How To Pick Insole
- Nov 02, 2017 -

The purchase should pay attention to the insole insole thickness and degree of hardness and sweat absorbing moisture; too thin feet is not comfortable, too thick occupying the inner space of the shoes pinch; too long time walking fatigue, too hard grinding feet, cushioning properties decrease is not conducive to the protection of the foot. Too thin soft insole worn easily deformed.

Summer is suitable for choosing cloth or leather insole, sweat absorption is strong, relatively cool, comfortable to wear.

Suitable for winter warm blankets, cotton insoles, prevent cold feet.

People who suffer from metatarsal pain choose silicone insoles. Metatarsal pain is mainly manifested by forefoot pain, suitable for use of silicone pad, pad in front of the foot. Silicone products have good elasticity, can play a supporting role, so that the foot pressure after moving, buffering the forefoot pressure, reduce local pain.

With "people should be under the guidance of a doctor, choose a special flat insole. The insoles can massage, physiotherapy, strengthen the internal and external foot muscle exercise, some of the benefits of flatfoot.

There are special, beriberi or sweat smell can choose the bamboo carbon antibacterial insoles. The insole made of bamboo charcoal has obvious effect of moisture absorption and deodorization, and can inhibit the pathogenic bacteria of foot.