Insoles For Flat Feet Are Different Than Insoles For High Arches
- Nov 14, 2018 -

Insoles for Flat Feet are Different Than Insoles for High Arches

Insoles for flat feet would be different than insoles for feet with a medium arch or those with a high arch, as well as the insoles that come standard in a pair of new shoes.

First of all insoles that come naturally in shoes may have a bit of cushioning but generally it won’t be enough to fit your foot’s needs, especially if you have any foot condition at all.That’s because logically, it’s the smart thing for any shoe manufacturer to do is to use a generic insole and let those who purchase the shoes modify it to fit their feet. Shoe manufacturers can’t accommodate everyone’s feet, and everyone doesn’t have flat feet. Everyone doesn’t have feet with a medium arch either, or a high arch.

insoles for flat feet

Insoles for Flat Feet

Insoles for flat feet are specially made with the low arch in mind. A low arch of the foot needs a crutch to help boost it upwards, and thus this extra support will be embedded in insoles for flat feet. Insoles for flat feet may have a soft arch support or have a firmer arch support, so if you have flat feet, it’s up to you to determine which you need and prefer. The firmer arch support found in some insoles for flat feet would be great for those who are standing for several hours of the day or walking a lot during the day. However, this type may need a little breaking in for an adaptation of the foot to the insole.  Check out our articles:  Semi-Rigid Orthotics or Rigid Orthotic Arch Supports.

Insoles for flat feet that have a softer arch support can still be good for those who have to stand for several hours of the day or walk a lot or more sensitive feet but they may tend to break down over time. Breaking down over time is something to be expected from all insoles including insoles for flat feet, as they just don’t last forever. So do monitor your insoles every six months to see if you need a new pair and consider an arch support to provide the proper foot foundation your body deserves.