Ordinary Insole And Custom Insoles Of The Difference
- Nov 02, 2017 -

The insole used by ordinary people is to reduce the plantar pressure, prevent excessive impact on the ground, and support the arch.

The general production of insoles, are cutting EVA or molded EVA, a high-end multi density, add TPU support sheet, with a piece of PORON, or with little memory foam. Molded insoles are cheaper.

There are also PU insole, which is very comfortable and durable for ordinary people, but the price of injection mold is very high, and the material is not cheap.

And silicone material, most silicone insole sold on the market can not wear. Really useful silicone insole, half palm 500 + full palm 1000 + price, ordinary people can not afford.

The purpose of customized insoles is to overcome and prevent athletes injuries, improve training intensity and effectiveness, competition protection.

Custom insole can be the most suitable to disperse foot pressure, support arches, balance flip, reduce rotation, protect athletes.