Orthotic Insoles With Hallux Valgus
- May 25, 2018 -

Orthotic insoles fuction


Foot doctors remind: foot health is related to the health of the whole human skeleton structure. Please find a professional foot rehabilitation doctor to consult with you before buying. Incorrect forces make incorrect gait, incorrect gait will have bad posture, and long postural errors will cause bone structure lesions, which are the most prominent in the elderly.

Function: by changing the inaccurate negative points of the feet and adjusting the arrangement of the bipedal skeleton, long term orthopedics can make the skeleton of the foot best, especially for the common foot diseases such as flat foot, hallux valgus, heel valgus, transverse arch collapse, external eight words and the regulation of the human body's negative vertical skeletal disease. Diseases such as O leg, X recession, cervical vertebrae, pelvis and other skeletal structures play a certain role in correction.

The effect on pain of foot and waist and legs

The foot and ankle doctors have proved that the cause of chronic injuries of bone and joints of the lower extremities is mostly due to the biomechanics of the lower extremities, and it can also be said that the lower extremity biological force line (negative gravity line) has changed, resulting in the abnormal stress of the bone and joint. The root cause of the changes in the biological force line of the lower limbs is attributed to "feet" in many people. After thirty years of age, with the growth of age, the foot muscles and ligaments of the foot slowly aging, the ability to maintain the arch, when standing weight, the arch of the arch collapse or even disappear, when walking, the feet often turn out, causing ankle joint distortion, leading to the lower leg weight line straight. This also causes the imbalance of the ankle and knee joints, and aggravates the chronic injuries of the knee and ankle joints. The changes in the long load line of the lower limb will cause compensatory injuries of the hip and waist, and lead to chronic degenerative diseases in the waist and hip, which is characterized by chronic chronic pain and joint activity disorder in these areas. The health insole of the foot friend corrects the deformity of the foot and the twist of the ankle, improves the weight bearing line of the lower extremities to varying degrees, and improves the unbalanced stress of the ankle joint and the knee joint, thus alleviating the chronic injury of the ankle and knee joint, thus relieving or relieving the symptoms such as the back pain of the waist.

The role of flat foot

In children with congenital foot foot, the early wear of the foot friends health insole can not only prevent the occurrence of flat foot complications, correct the bad gait of the children, but also remould the normal arch of the foot. For adults, healthy insoles can scientifically support the arch, effectively alleviating the symptoms of foot fatigue, pain discomfort, and swelling of the calf muscles.

The effect on heel pain

We know that heel pain occurs mostly in women over the age of 40. The most common cause of clinical pain is plantar fasciitis. The tension of the plantar aponeurosis is relieved and the strain of the plantar aponeurosis can be relieved when wearing the health insoles of the friends of the foot, which reduces the strain of the plantar aponeurosis. The heel of the healthy foot pad is reticular in the heel. It can relieve the pressure of the heel, relieve the pain, and wear it for a long time, and can relieve or relieve the symptoms.

The effect on the plantar callus (pads) or the pain of the front palm

The foot mats mostly occur under the second and third metatarsal bones. It is due to the collapse of the second and third metatarsal bones, which aggravates the local stress, and is caused by local extrusion and friction. Wearing the healthy shoes of library, redistributing the force of the foot, relieving the concentrated force under the second and third metatarsal bones. The front part of the foot is reticular, and it can relieve the pressure of the forehand very well. In this way, not only relieve the pain symptoms of the foot pad, but also remove the foot pad completely for a long time.

The effect on hallux valgus and bursitis

Except for heredity, hallux valgus is mostly caused by wearing too high pointed shoes. The health insoles, the size of the shoes are wide, to prevent the extrusion of the toe of the foot, to reduce the pain, to prevent the aggravation of the disease and to prevent the occurrence of complications, and to prevent the occurrence of hallux valgus and the hallux inflammation.

The health insole can also be applied to many kinds of foot diseases. It also has a good relieving effect on the chronic ankle sprains and the chronic pain left after the ankle sprain. This is due to the balance of the strength of the muscles and ligaments on both sides of the ankle joint after the healthy insole of the foot of the foot, and the correction of the tilt of the ankle joint. The stability of the ankle has improved the non - parallel force of the ankle joint, so it has played a good role in alleviating the pain of the ankle and preventing the ankle sprain.