Orthotics Can Cause Problems If Improperly Prescribed
- Jul 06, 2018 -

Orthotics Can Cause Problems if Improperly Prescribed

An orthosis or orthopedic shoe insert can be a useful device. However, if the prescription is not appropriate, they may cause pain and discomfort, and even cause serious injury.

The orthosis is not used to correct foot and ankle problems. Healthcare professionals can use them to stabilize joints, relieve pain, prevent deformities, provide better positioning or improve the biomechanical function of the foot. They work by eliminating the stress and pressure in the pain areas of the ankles and ankles. Custom orthoses can also be used to relieve pain in the knees, buttocks and lower back and should not be confused with prefabricated models in shoe stores, ski and skate shops, pharmacies and sporting goods stores. There are big differences in quality and effectiveness.

Orthotics change the way people walk, stand and absorb ground vibrations. "Anyone who wants to use them should have good reasons and be sure to consult a professional and get proper training and certification, such as a podiatrist." Or she will ask about any medical problems or pain that this person may have. Health professionals will also consider gait analysis, orthopedic problems, activity levels, activity types, foot type and biomechanics, and refer to ankle, knee and hip movements. It is also possible to take X-rays.

The orthosis can be very helpful if used responsibly and properly. It is important for patients to follow the doctor's instructions when they are worn to get the most benefit.