Orthotics Can Cause Problems If Improperly Prescribed
- Jul 17, 2018 -

Orthotics Can Cause Problems if Improperly Prescribed

An orthosis or orthopedic shoe insert can be a useful device. However, if the prescription is not appropriate, they may cause pain and discomfort, and even cause serious injury. DPM is an ankle expert in a special surgery hospital. Dr. Positano cited a case in which a mail-order orthosis caused a fracture in each foot. The patient believes that these devices can support his running. They landed him in Dr. Positano's office.

The orthosis is like a prescription drug," Dr. Positano explained. "When correctly pointed out and prescribed, they are good for the user. They may be dangerous when they are unnecessary or the prescription is incorrect. “Some over-the-counter orthoses may exacerbate existing medical conditions,” said Dr. Positano. Those who are particularly at risk are heel pain, Achilles pain, back or knee problems, and those with high or flat feet. Sports enthusiasts who engage in high-impact or high-speed sports often purchase orthoses to provide support or use as shock absorbers. This can also cause problems.

The orthosis is not used to correct foot and ankle problems. Dr. Positano said that health care professionals can use them to stabilize joints, relieve pain, prevent deformities, provide better positioning or improve the biomechanical function of the foot. They work by eliminating the stress and pressure in the pain areas of the ankles and ankles. Dr. Positano suggests that custom orthoses can also be used to relieve knee, hip and waist pain and should not be confused with prefabricated models in shoe stores, ski and skate shops, pharmacies and sporting goods stores. There are big differences in quality and effectiveness.

The orthosis can be very helpful if used responsibly and properly. It is important for patients to follow the doctor's instructions when they are worn to get the most benefit.