Our Production Market
- Nov 20, 2018 -

Our Production Market

IDEASTEP is a locally owned & operated company based in Xiamen,China.We specialize in the proper fitment of arch supports,and our own line of Prf-fabric & Custom orthotics.ldeastep manufactures these Orthotics by utilizing technology,such as Moulding ;Assembling by production Line and 3D foot scanners run with our proprietary software,and CNC mills,which are all designed and built right here in Xiamen.We are medically accredited,employing highly trained & certified Pedorthists to ensure the fit and comfrt of our products.

         Mr.Kang Kai have Graduated from "The Robert M.Plamer,M.D.Institute of Biomechanics",Specializing in Biomedical,Biological Materials,Kinematics and Physiology,Accredited to the United States"American Board of Certification of Pedorthotic" Certification Pedorthist number 4290#,Proficient in all kinds of foot orthoses.

We mainly cooperate North Amercian and European for our Orthotic Insoles and materials,providing the good choices in Pre-fabric & Custom Made Orthotics to the clients in quality and cost services to make their success,we do have the experience with some clients growing up step by step in the cooperation.

To serve the market better,We specially study the Pathology in USA to cooperate clients professionally.

In comparison,we are the top saler in Orthoics to North American & Europen Marker from China for average annual sales is over 10000000$ to serve the clients like: Frankford ; JMS ; Archfitters ; Pedformance ; Like Lidl ;  Rossman ; Audi ; Walmart etc.)

It's our pleasure to meet you on line to express our cooperation willings,we believe your brand use the high quality and economic Orthotics from us,your marketing should be much better.

Pls contact us with your enquies to begin this good oppotunities.