- Nov 15, 2018 -


IDEASTEP is a locally owned & operated company based in Xiamen, China. We specialize in the proper fitting of arch supports, and our own line of Pre-fabric & Custom-made orthotics. Ideastep manufactures these Orthotics by utilizing technology, such as Moulding; Assembling by production Line and 3D foot scanners run with DELCOM software, and CNC mills, which are all designed and built right here in Xiamen. We employing highly trained & certified Pedorthists to ensure the fit and comfort of our products.

 Mr. Kang Kai C.Ped.4290#,who set up our team specializing in Biomedical, Biological Materials ,Kinematics and Physiology, Accredited to the United States "American Board of Certification of Pedorthotic " to be the 1st Certification Pedorthist in China Mainland, Proficient in all kinds of foot orthoses.

Our main products are multifunctional orthotic insoles that can protect the health of your feet and can effectively prevent and relieve the common foot problems; Divided by different People and Environments, we distinguish our products for seven categories: Orthopedic Diseases; Sport functional; Diabetic Foot; Heat-moladable; Daily Dressing; Women Special; Kids; and so on.

Mean while, we carve custom-made orthotic insoles and keep Orthopedic shoes stock for your choice also.