Protect The Arch, Away From Flat Feet
- Jan 11, 2018 -


Foot Arch Support

         The arch of the foot is an upwardly convex bow formed by the bones, ligaments and muscles of the foot. The body of this little "device" is not small role. Arch is a very important human body damping system, when we jump or jumped from height, the arch of the elastic buffer shock play a role in reducing the landing on the whole body joints, especially the impact on the head. In addition, walking for a long time, the elastic arch of the foot on the body gravity and ground floor to play a rebound buffer, but also to keep the blood vessels and nerves from oppression of the foot. Therefore, the arch of the baby is not optional. As the baby grows, plantar fat gradually thinning, the arch will be more obvious. Usually until the baby two or three years old, you can see the obvious arch.

       Because of hypoplasia, flat foot baby's exercise capacity will be limited, when the baby learns to stand up, walk, the ability of the defects will be increasingly prominent. They are more prone to fatigue than other babies while walking and standing. Their calves are prone to soreness. In severe cases, they also feel uncomfortable in their knees and waist. As a result, they are unstable in walking posture and are prone to weakness after exercise. So there is a pair of socks that can provide arch protection and corrective insoles, which are of crucial importance to the baby.