Soccer Insoles For Cleats In Cushion And Orthotic Support
- Jul 18, 2018 -

Soccer Insoles for Cleats in Cushion and Orthotic Support

With extreme sports, a lot of stress and strain is exerted on the foot’s muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones.  Athletes, such as soccer and football players,  are especially vulnerable to foot pain and injuries due to wearing cleats that are thin and lacking in any protection and arch support. Soccer insoles not only provide extra cushioned shock absorption and protection from the studded cleats, but they also provide a proper orthotic arch support for a solid foundation from the feet through the entire skeletal structure.

The Problem with Cleated Shoes:

1. Little or no arch support (flat- bottomed)

2. Thin factory footbed design that offers little protection from feeling the cleat studs

3. Little or no cushioning throughout the footbed for shock absorption from impact, weight, and movement

The combination of flat bottomed cleats without cushioning means there’s no protection from the bottom studs, no shock absorption, and no proper arch support. This creates for a painful situation for many athletes. Thankfully, these issues are easy to prevent with the use of a proper orthotic arch support.

Treat and Prevent Foot Pain when Wearing Cleats:

1. Any replacement insole or arch support must be slim and/or low volume to fit in a low-profile tight fitting soccer or football cleats.

2. An arch support can assist with maintaining proper foot alignment and decreasing arch pain and foot fatigue. Look for a semi-rigid arch support insert.

3. To assist with impact shock, look for a cushioned insole or gel pad inserts to use at the forefoot or heel.

4. If you can feel the studs poking through the bottom of the shoe, look for an insole or arch support that provides more cushioning or denser padding.

With the addition of a good cushioned insole and/or orthotic arch support, one can alleviate and prevent most common foot pain conditions.  At, we have assembled the best selection of soccer insoles for tight fitting cleats.