Sports Insoles What Material The Best
- Nov 02, 2017 -

The sports shoe pad is mainly made of shoes material with unique characteristics in the aspects of elasticity, sweat absorption, shock absorption, comfort and so on. It is more suitable for the physical properties of shoes materials used in sports shoes.

People at the time of exercise is accomplished through the foot force, so there is a relatively large impact load on foot; plus the foot will produce a lot of sweat, feet bacteria, reduce foot comfort. The soles of most sports shoes have the characteristics of shock absorption and high elasticity, but it is obviously not scientific to rely on sole to improve the comfort of sports. This gives the insole processing with difficulty, also can affect the elastic damping, shock absorbing material like cotton memory that is not up to the requirements; in the selection, the material of the test, we draw the following 2 point proposal materials:

1: high density sponge: using this kind of material to do insole processing, solved the problem of sweat absorption, air permeability, shock absorption; and this kind of material also has strong high elasticity performance.

2: high density EVA Warrior: this material permeability while poor elasticity and flexibility, but are higher than other materials, damping performance is also very good, can be used as a preferred material to use.