Sports Shoes To Buy Small Common Sense
- Nov 02, 2017 -

This includes all types of shoes to buy common sense, the intention is to enable consumers to grasp more common sense, so as to have a definite object in practical work.

The type of shoes but cannot do without the myriads of changes, it will function, that is to protect the feet, prevent items on the ground damage function, and sports shoes in addition to the above function, more focus on preventing damage effect to reflect movement and movement, because we run, the foot accepted component is two times the US -3 the weight, so choose sports shoes inappropriate, may have different degree of injury.

1, a little longer shoes

(1 feet) curves, that many people show contrast

(2) a person with a lot of sweat on his feet

(3) a person with straight toes

(4) people with heavier body weight

(5) people in growth or old age

(6) people who walk a lot

(7) planning slender shoes

(8) planning than the tip of the toe shoes

2, don't lengthen too many shoes

(1 feet) small camber

(2) light weight people

(3) shoes with high heel contrast

(4) contrast the fat shoes on the plan

(5) planning a wide toe shoes

Furthermore, should pay attention to their shoes, and then consider other factors:

(1) the data of the hard and soft, thick, thin, elastic degree.

(2) is low, their shoes, high heels, high with lace.

(3) consumer habits, age, work habits, etc..

Usually choose sports shoes to pick shoes length (usually bottom length) than the practice of foot length more than 1.5-2.0 cm.

3, when choosing sports shoes:

(1) put on the sport when you wear socks or as the thickness of the socks.

(2) fasten the shoelace and adjust the tightness of the shoelace properly, so you can feel the suitability of shoes is not ideal.

(3) choose soft insole with medium quality.

(4) shoes themselves should be selected light weight, heavy weight is easy to make the wearer feel a sense of fall, and simple fatigue.

(5) the shoe should not be too open, or wear leaving the fall, and simple disease work.

(6) heel shoes to see, in order to prevent high or strong heel guard planning.

(7) the vamp and the sole soft, easy to twist, if it's too hard, not easy to twist, simply tired. Squatting posture is used during fitting,

In view of the bending shoes is not outstanding.

(8) pay attention to shoe height, thinking the ankle range, or leaving the friction wear broken skin.

(9) check the heels is not higher than the height of the forefoot part, due to the foot of the person accustomed to this method, the height of the heel is also not too high,

And pay attention to heel is not used or a soft cushion.

(10) the joint parts inside the shoe should not rub the feet as well.

(11) try to wear sports shoes, it took a few steps, the best replacement will fall on each foot body component,

Is there to meet the view toe space inclusive for pressure and slightly extended foot.

(12) in crude and high consumption demand of outdoor shoe shading planning, easy slippery, indoor shoes shoes needs flat shading.

(13) buy shoes, the best organization in the early afternoon, avoid buying shoes, because at that time the foot will be smaller.

(14) according to different sports and use occasions, sports shoes to choose the.