The Application Of The Inert Sponge In The Orthotics Insole
- May 10, 2018 -

Origin of material

In six and 70s of last century, developed by the United States Space Agency (NASA), the United States health sleep research center, an open cell structure, the largest feature was the viscoelasticity and temperature sensibility, which could sink under temperature and pressure, but not to rebound. These two characteristics make it a good pressure relief material. This material is invented to protect the astronauts' spine and protect the astronauts from the pressure of the astronauts, especially the astronauts' pressure to return and leave the ground, the health sleep research center of the United States. He and GPS (Global Positioning System) are also called the two great inventions of space technology. The greatest science in twenty-first Century will be life science. Space technology has made great contributions to the research of human life science.

In early 90s, Swedish Fagerdala company was redeveloped into civilian (medical) products, and was widely applied in medical emergency and monitoring systems. The Gothenburg Lillhagen hospital in Sweden has been tested by 23000 tests to prove that the material has the advantages of preventing the curvature of the spine, keeping the blood circulation unblocked, and without obvious oppression, and from reducing the number of times of turn over. Since then, the material has been widely used in the medical field, cervical spine decompression, sports rehabilitation and other fields. Then, in developed countries, especially those in Japan, such as Japan, healthy countries are rapidly gaining popularity.

Material prospect

Space zero pressure memory material is a comfortable revolution. It is a perfect combination of softness and durability. It is one of the most exciting and changing world inventions in the world for more than ten years. There are too many research and application examples to show that it is far more than others in protecting human health, skin affinity, comfortable feeling and so on. Pass materials will become one of the first choice for the upgrading of soft furniture in the future.

Housewares have been optimistic about this business opportunity. When the advantages of this material have been made public, several home appliance companies, headed by Jin Kou tablet, have begun to develop this kind of material pillows. It is popular. It does not rely on concept, gimmick to seek customers' love, its rise is entirely by virtue of excellent performance and rapid effect of the trial experience, and the development of pillow, mattress, cushion, sofa and other products of memory products, in the other similar commodities in the vast sea, win the first laurel! It gives many users a good feeling at the same time, brings a lot of useful health help, become one of the main pursuit of people's future life.