The Best Orthotic Inserts Are Not Lacking These 5 Things
- Nov 18, 2018 -

The Best Orthotic Inserts Are Not Lacking These 5 Things

Orthotic companies have all wised up to what is essential on how to more than adequately support the foot ergonomically. They realized quite a few things in the past decade that have now become the science of orthotics. Some of them include:

  1. The plain cushioning in the best insoles of the past may have made feet feel good for the first few times these insoles were worn, but they do nothing to prevent foot pain in the future.

  2. The hard materials used in the best Orthotic inserts of the past can be replaced by more pliable yet sturdy orthotics of today.

  3. If an Orthotic is not created to anatomically fit the foot, then the pounding of the foot on the pavement will be enough to start creating foot issues from poor alignment.

  4. The arch height for a foot that is flat is a lot different than the arch height for a foot that is high or medium.

  5. Different sports have different Orthotic requirements to be considered one of the best Orthotic inserts.

  6. And more!


What gives an Orthotic insert the title holder to “one of the best Orthotic inserts”? It’s actually a combination of these five things:


  1. Arch support that matches your feet perfectly

  2. Heel cup

  3. Metatarsal pad

  4. Cushioning

  5. Antibacterial top coat