The Development Prospect Of Foot Accessories
- Jun 19, 2018 -

       The development prospect of foot accessories 

Human life is limited, and improving the quality of life is the ultimate goal of human activities.

According to a us study, three out of every four people worldwide suffer from foot disease in their lifetime. The human foot is a healthy mirror. Arthritis, diabetes, neuropathy and poor circulation can all be reflected in the signs of the foot's extremities. So, some minor foot problems can be the first sign of a serious condition. At present, there are 41 million people with diabetes in China's urban population. Due to the loss of sensation in the foot caused by diabetes and the rupture of blood vessels, a large area of ulceration of the foot is caused by the pressure on the foot. Podiatric phyletic and various, some can eradicate drugs and surgery, more can't be pure treatment completely eradicated by drugs or surgery, or even a little effect of fundamental, and in this case means of color can only take engineering, using assistive technology equipment configure products vary from person to person, solve or alleviate the pain of podiatric and inconvenience. Currently, the most effective way to improve and cure foot lesions is to use foot accessories. Assistive devices as a foot to alleviate the foot of the musculoskeletal system dysfunction auxiliary appliance for the purpose of, in addition to including the correct shoes, shoe insoles (correction), and other traditional foot orthoses, include type for shoe repair, modification, such as technology, can be used for foot diseases of all kinds of disorders, including can double joints under the control of inside and outside, to reduce the stress of the hip, knee, ankle joint and spine and absorb part of the ground reaction force; Relieve pain and symptoms such as ulcers and toenail pain; Support the arch and walk. For diabetic foot, cerebral stroke, arthritis and so on to provide a reasonable foot pressure.

Assistive devices make foot have decades of history, is applied in our country at present the correct principle is vague, lack of necessary refinement, quantitative form, thus sex and credibility, and correcting effect also remains to be scientific evaluation. For a long time just at the foot of fill a vacancy, high filling, afraid of making and correcting flat line, mainly by hand thumb to correct, as for the rectification is accurate and is in line with the human foot biomechanics principle problem is difficult to quantify, for comfort factors are considered less, as well as the lack of production experience. With the continuous improvement of people's living standard in our country, the requirement to the quality of life is becoming more and more cause the attention of people, people get up from the beginning by the shoes with in all activities, wearing a pair of suitable for their physiological requirements of comfortable shoes is engaged in the work, life is very necessary. So, now we need combined with the existing treatments and clinical experience, using advanced data acquisition and analysis equipment, gradually improve correct foot lesions theory thinking system, thus improve the overall level of orthopaedic production industry in our country, at the same time can arrange different foot lesions and correcting methods, sums up a new way to solve such problems, provide a new train of thought for clinical rehabilitation, the industry is an urgent need to study the new task. (Dr. Kuming wong chiropractic centre reminds you: correct every step can prevent foot and spine problems caused by poor posture!)