The Role And Classification Of Insoles
- Nov 02, 2017 -

First, the role of insoles

1. Avoid foot sliding in shoes. Shoes in the shoes bed is flat, but the soles of the feet are not, so walking foot will slide in the shoes, walking every step of the cost of a little bit more power, long-distance walking easier to add a variety of wounds. The use of a three-dimensional insole fills the gap between the foot and the shoe bed, reducing the slip of the sole in the shoe.

2, support the pace of progress progress, stability. A foot mat with heel shape can reduce the swing of the ground following the walk, and then reduce the chance of fatigue and reduce the wound.

3. Earthquake absorption. Footbed has two kinds, one is the use of the hard heel cup holder or shock stick, because human heel muscle hypertrophy is a natural shock absorption function, only need to work hard glue a suitable radian support or shock stick, can exhibit good shock-absorbing function. And the other is the use of soft materials, such as Gel, air cushion and so on to absorb the impact force when heel touchdown, suitable for running, basketball and other high jump action.

4. Correct walking and standing posture. This is the orthotic can perform the function for natural and other elements of a lot of people, when standing spine and leg is not 100 per cent straight, or walk in when walking swaying under long time, leading to a variety of skeleton and joint wound with orthopedic insole can correct posture and walk when standing, then reduce the wound.

Two. Classification of insoles

Now on the market in accordance with the insole materials can be divided into: pure cotton insole, natural materials, such as rattan, grass, paper made of leather insoles, insoles, GEL insoles, EVA insoles, several kinds of high polymer breathable cotton insole insole and PU.

1, the traditional cotton insole. Pure cotton cloth material processing, should be environmentally friendly insoles, advantages: good ventilation performance, can absorb some peculiar smell, non-toxic side effects on the skin.

Disadvantages: poor plasticity, no sweat, simple deformation.  Walk in shoes or slip out of the process, add in people's annoyance, a big sweat of the people, because the sweat poor form all shoes like under a heavy rain in the Loess heap, muddy, pain. Together, it does not have the function of removing taste.

In addition, this is the most humble craft insole workshops or small factory processing, the original data is from some most recovered waste clothes, hospitals, hotels, the hotel is the bed cloth quilt cover, industrial pollution and the poor under the angle of material, black cotton processing carpet etc.. This kind of insole materials are usually without sterilization, the appearance of Mongolia affixed to a layer of new cloth made.  The bacterial content of this kind of insole is seriously overrun, which is the main source of infection of beriberi, and the relevant departments call it "waste insole".

2, pure natural environmental protection material insoles, hemp, grass, rattan, paper made insole. Strengths: the natural environment, and have some antibacterial effect, good air permeability. Disadvantages: because the workmanship is difficult to precision, and then affect the comfort and beautiful, there are also easy to slip in the shoes shortcomings.