Truth About Plantar Fasciitis
- Nov 30, 2018 -

Truth About Plantar Fasciitis

plantar fasciitis

When I talk to people about foot pain, the word plantar fasciitis almost always pops up. Most people have the same understanding that I do--general pain under the foot. 

But what really defines pain under your foot? A lot of doctors use it for a series of injuries, many of what custom orthotics will help. But here's the catch, so will many non-custom insole orthotics. 

A lot of pain under the foot referred to as plantar fasciitis can be broken down into 2 main components: A) where the actual tendon of the fasciitis connects (under the calcaneus or heel) B) the tendon itself. 

So when a doctor tells you you have plantar fasciitis, it's most likely because that tendon is being stretched out beyond normal elasticity. You see, all tendons have a certain healthy amount of flexibility, stretch, and regenerative abilities. But when the tendons in your feet are stretched, they usually are done so for 8-16 hours a day. 

That sharp pain when you stand up first thing in the morning is a good sign.

The truth about plantar fasciitis is that usually 3 things will help:

1. Exercise. Non-weight bearing exercise. Try that elliptical. Pick up swimming. It's a lot easier said than done. But losing weight is your number one go to for offloading all that force in your foot.

2. Stretching. Your body is like one big rubber band. That's why when your feet hurt, your knees and your back are also affected. When your muscles are tight, it puts more stress on the tendons. So Stretch! Stretch your gastrocnemius. Stretch your hamstrings. Stretch your lower and upper back. It'll help.

3. Temporary solution is orthotics. 

Yes they are temporary. It'll do some of the offloading that is achieved in number 1. 

If your feet hurt a lot, don't despair. Custom orthotics/regular over the counter orthotics, exercise, losing weight, all of these will help!