What Are Orthotics
- Jul 13, 2018 -

What are Orthotics

An orthosis is a device that is inserted into a shoe to restore the function of the natural foot. They are also known as insoles, orthopedic insoles or orthoses. They can be used to temporarily cushion painful foot diseases and prevent or treat different biomechanical foot problems. For example, you can insert them into your shoe to correct an abnormal walking pattern. They are designed to change the angle at which your feet touch the ground so your body can align.

Prefabricated orthoses can be purchased at the counter. They are soft, semi-flexible and are made according to the size of men and women. They are sometimes used by athletes such as runners because they are more elastic than the insole provided by the manufacturer and are less likely to cause blisters. They are also popular among people who need to add cushioning or arch support to their shoes.

Custom orthoses are made for individual patients according to the rules of the podiatrist. They are made of rigid materials and cannot be bought on the counter. These personalized orthoses are created by casting or scanning of the foot. They are designed to measure your feet, legs, limb assessments and medical conditions that need to be corrected.

Orthoses can help individuals solve many problems that affect the feet, ankles and knees. They are often used to treat diseases such as arch and heel pain, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, humeral splint, diabetic foot problems, heel pain, corns, calluses, bunions, sacral limbs, heel spurs and Other common diseases and other issues. They also help relieve knee pain, such as patella softening, tendon bundle (IT) band syndrome, and runner knees.

For those who are standing or traveling long distances, it is recommended to use them. They are also good for those who are too much.