What Are The Benefits Of Good Insoles?
- Nov 18, 2018 -

What Are The Benefits of Good Insoles?

People use insoles for a few primary reasons – comfort, relief from pain, prevention of foot problems and to help achieve greater performance during daily life of work or play, and athletic activities. While runners/joggers benefit due to greater performance achieved with the wearing of quality insoles, everyday people likewise benefit as prevention and relief from foot pain enables them to enjoy life and perform daily activities whether work or play.


Insoles for Foot Pain Relief

Two key benefits are Cushioning and Support. Cushioning provides greater comfort by helping to absorb the shock that makes the feet feel tired and sore. Support helps improve the alignment and balance of the foot. While some insoles offer greater cushioning and others focus more on support, most people benefit from an insole that offers both cushioning and support.

Research has shown which types of insoles are good for the different types of foot arches. And while many people will experiment to see which product works best, there are a few general rules of thumb when choosing the best insole for your feet. 

For cushioning, we find that most customer’s prefer a cushion insole that offers cushioned arch support -consider our Insoles with Cushioned Arch Support.  If solid support for a good foot foundation, we would recommend orthotic arch supports to compensate for collapsed arches, flat feet, plantar fasciitis, and much more.  It is important to note that orthotics are known as “hard” insoles -coming in semi-rigid and rigid styles, it is recommended that one ease into them (for the first time) by wearing for just a few hours each day for a week.  Allowing time for your foot tendons and muscles to adjust will ease over @1-2 weeks and one finds that that feeling isn’t foot pain but foot pain relief.