What Are The Effective Treatments For Flatfoot
- Jan 22, 2018 -

What are the effective treatments for flatfoot?

The principle of flat foot treatment:

1, functional exercise, is one of the treatment of flat feet, such as foot plantar walking, flexor plantar movement, mention heel external rotation movement.

2, orthopedic shoes or orthopedic insoles: the soles of the heel and bow waist to be narrow, the upper tight, flat foot treatment for the purpose of recovery within the longitudinal arch, care from the bones of the head, the medial extension of the heel to the scapula, insoles available Made of aluminum, plastic or artificial leather, the same requirements as orthopedic shoes.

3, the standard flat foot treatment: the longitudinal arch of the foot recovery, weight function is good, take a long way and tired of standing, pain and other symptoms disappear.

4, non-surgical treatment: for posture and most of the spasmodic flat foot syndrome. Physiotherapy, massage, strengthen the foot, external muscle training, wear flat foot orthopedic shoes or flat foot insoles correction. But should be based on strengthening muscle training. The spasmodic foot disease patients should pay attention to rest, severe cases can be overripe under anesthesia beforehand, and then use the leg plaster boots fixed enough retraction within the retractor. After symptoms disappear, wear orthopedic shoes and insoles. This is a good treatment for flat feet.

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