What Causes Ball Of Foot Pain?
- Jul 11, 2018 -

What Causes Ball of Foot Pain?

The ball of the foot is the area in the front of your foot, which connects your toes to the arches in your feet. Pain in this area is most commonly derived from swelling, due to misaligned posture while walking. When we walk on our feet, most of us exert our weights first on the heel of the foot before transferring our weight to the ball of the foot. If this process is misaligned in any way, one can experience ball or heel of foot pain. Aging, over or under supination, standing on one’s feet all day, pulling a muscle in the foot or any activities that exert our feet can cause the ball of foot pain.

Sometimes the ball of foot pain can be felt under the big toe. However, it is usually located just before. Further symptoms of the ball of foot pain include frequently occurring pain or inflammation in the ball of the foot. You may also begin to see calluses or odd occurrences in your skin coupled with this pain in that area. If you are obese, have high arches, arthritis or wear high heels a lot, you may also experience ball of foot pain.

Ball of Foot Pain Relief & Prevention

If you suffer from ball of foot pain due to high arches or abnormal pressure in the foot due to a medical condition (such as arthritis), it is then highly advisable to purchase orthopedic insoles. Insoles that are specially designed for providing pain relief for a ball of foot pain take the pressure off that area of the foot, usually providing shock absorption and separating the long bones in the arch of the foot.

Ultimately leading a healthy lifestyle, eating correctly, maintaining a healthy weight distribution and keeping a good posture will minimize or even entirely prevent ball of foot pain. High heels are one of the leading contributors towards the ball of foot pain. Limiting high heel usage or wearing shoes that increase your height while not compromising the ball of your foot will help to lessen the risk of a ball of foot pain. Athletes or those who love to exercise should purchase a pair of shoe inserts that distribute their weight evenly and absorb shock, as their feet will endure high amounts of impact when on the move. If you have experienced prolonged ball of foot pain and nothing appears to be making a difference, you should contact your nearest foot doctor for assistance.

Best Characteristics of Insoles for Ball of Foot Pain

Here we have a list of the top 5 characteristics found in the best insoles for a ball of foot pain:

  • 1.Shock Absorbing Technology – make sure that the insole for your ball of foot pain can at least absorb a decent amount of shock, protecting the sensitive swollen area.

  • 2.Pressure Point Relief – some insoles provide bumps or are shaped to alleviate pressure points on the feet, which can help ball of foot pain, especially if caused by standing on your feet all day long.

  • 3.Pressure Transference – ball of foot pain relief insoles should transfer the weight away from the ball of the foot. This transference is achieved by separating the long bones and padding underneath the ball of the foot.

  • 4.Lift – having some lift underneath the ball of the foot can provide a layer of padding, protection, and comfort. A Lift also can help you to walk on your feet, allowing the ball of the foot to experience less pressure when you lift off the ground.

  • 5.Memory Foam – Memory Foam is one of the best materials that orthopedic insoles are currently being produced from. Memory foam can keep the exact contour of your feet, helping you to keep perfect posture and minimizing pressure on the feet exerted from your weight.