What Is The Orthotic Devices
- Nov 02, 2017 -

Orthosis is a kind of product that can change the ground, to adapt to the wearer's personal foot shape. As many people need to wear glasses (technically called vision correction), with lower extremity biomechanical abnormalities or by those caused by abnormal foot mechanical problems need to wear a foot orthotics correction products.

According to the biomechanics of the foot orthosis design, unique dual density 100%EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) structure allows you to create and join a wide range of modifications and declination in the orthopaedic insole, the orthopedic insole can be customized, can be directly fixed on the plaster mold, with feet, can provide enough space and foot protection. Orthotics can be heated and mold to patients with foot or plaster mold, can also use the bench grinder grinding and forming, and can create various bending angles under heat and pressure (also can eliminate these angles by heating). According to the principle of biomechanics and orthosis, norm, which is made according to the mechanical structure of the human body, the normal manufacturing, set 5 degrees heel varus angle to improve the angle to the force and walking, 42 degrees tilt the sagittal balance and coordination with the support and stability of the pelvis. The custom of insoles, foot care, increased walking time, motion energy has very good effect. In the design, combined with a unique angle and curve, the patent dual density system provides patients with the dual benefits of support and comfort.