What Makes A Good Insole Orthotic?
- Nov 30, 2018 -

What Makes a Good Insole Orthotic?

what makes a good insole

There are so many reputable reviewers that have created great reviews of insoles and describe what makes a good insole. Verwellfit has a list, nicershoes.com does as well, and so does thewirecutter. These guys know what they're doing. So the last blog post on $500 custom orthotics or $40 insoles is really a trimmed down, snapshot version of those. 

Insoles, orthotics, insole orthotics, whatever you want to call it--there are really 3 main components that makes a really good orthotic. 

  1. Supportive shell

  2. Fabrics/plastic that'll last

  3. Thickness/thinness factor for use

But back to the list:

A supportive shell. The last thing you want is fabric to hold up your arch...because that'll collapse or it won't bend with you. A shell isn't magic. It's made out of plastic. But what is magic is how it supports. The orthotic will actually support your heel, disperse pressure across your rear foot to mid foot, and then in theory, it should flex as you transfer weight from your heel to your toes. If there's just a piece of fabric under your foot without a proper shell, no transfer.

Fabrics kind of goes with plastics. You'll find that a lot of plastics will bend under the weight of a penny. You don't want those. You want a shell that'll actually hold itself up, and then some. The reason is because of purely wear and tear. If you find that after 1 month of use that the shell is really just a glorified piece of fabric, ditch it. You want something that'll actually support that isn't just fabric. The top cover is important, in so far that it isn't falling apart. Ours use suede bottoms, an industry first, to help absorb that sweat and help it cool fast.

Last but not least, you can have the best insoles but have the wrong shoes...I don't think you can use that backwards.

If you're trying to fit our Legacy Jays Insoles into your flats, you'll either have to go up or (buy our new design that is slim...and sexy). 

And if you try to fit a slim thing into your hiking boots, it may help...or it may not. You want to make sure that you consider these factors when purchasing an insole. 

Happy walking!