When To Consider Orthotics?
- Aug 14, 2018 -

When to Consider Orthotics?


All too often, people endure pain far longer than they should–especially in the beginning, if the pain is happening intermittently or “isn’t too bad.” However, taking charge of your health and addressing these symptoms early is critical to keep symptoms from getting worse, and to reduce the amount of time it takes to heal. You should also be aware that when you’re dealing with chronic foot or heel pain, you may start to notice pain in your hips, back, or neck over time, as your body attempts to compensate for the pain you’re feeling in your feet.

It’s also a good time to consider orthotics if you haven’t dealt with pain yet but you love participating in high-impact sports like running, basketball, or football. If you’ve experienced sudden weight gain (especially from pregnancy) and your feet are dealing with extra stress and impact, orthotics are a great choice.

Whether you’ve just recently noticed pain in your heels or feet, or you’ve been dealing with chronic pain from plantar fasciitis, now is the right time to start healing or head off symptoms from developing.