Which Insole Do I Need?
- Feb 26, 2019 -

You are one-of-a-kind and so are your feet.  One of the best ways to customize your footwear is to use insoles, which provide extra comfort and support to help prevent and solve problems associated with your feet.  Insoles are the part of the shoe that the foot lands on, and can often times be removed and replaced with another insole that suits the exact concerns of your foot and lifestyle.  There are a few criteria to consider when determining which insole is right for you.

 Foot Issues

Whether you’ve got plantar fasciitis, flat feet, heel pain, diabetic neuropathy or other foot issues, there is an insole for you.  Once you’ve been diagnosed by a podiatrist, you can choose whichever insole caters to the foot issue that is affecting your feet.  The addition of insoles often helps alleviate the problem at hand, and are an affordable and simple solution to minimizing pain and discomfort.


The severity of the foot problem often determines the level of customization that is necessary in an insole.  Feet that are severely affected benefit the most from a professionally-fitted insole, also called an orthotic.  Consult your podiatrist if you feel your situation requires this level of care.

A step down from orthotics, but still a great customized solution to foot problems is a custom insole. This is an at-home kit, which is used to take an impression of your feet. The impression is sent back to the company, which creates customized insoles that are tailored to your feet, bringing comfort and support made just for you.  Another option, similar to the custom insole, is an insole with a heat-moldable footbed.

If your feet aren’t greatly affected by foot issues, or you’re just looking for some extra cushioning or solutions to minor foot ailments, a basic insole may be the choice for you.  Use your foot type, flat arch, normal arch or high arch to select the insole that’s right for your feet. Not sure what type of foot you have? A great way to check is by doing the Wet Test.


Are you standing all day?  Are you on the go, often walking?  Do you participate in sports, such as jogging or tennis?  Insoles that are designed for standing offer extra cushioning for an overall additional comfort level to avoid tired feet.  Sports insoles are designed to absorb shock as well as provide stability to the foot.  Insoles that are made for high heels add additional support to the ball of the foot.  Depending on which activity you are participating in, your shoe style will vary.  There are insoles designed for dress shoes, boots, athletic shoes, sandals, and high heels.  Examine your lifestyle to determine which insole is right for you.

Insoles are a great way to customize your shoe to fit the unique needs of your feet and your lifestyle.