Why Can't Feel Free To Buy Orthotic Insoles
- Jan 10, 2018 -

       Summer vacation arrived, the children in the hospital suddenly more up, in addition to glasses, orthodontics, in recent years preparation of Orthotics Insoles to correct flatfoot children a lot more. This reporter learned that seven or eight as primary and secondary school students have an arch problem, the children often shout "foot tired," "feet uncomfortable," do not want to do more exercise, or an ankle abnormalities. Medical professionals remind that before the age of 16 by corrective insoles and targeted training, arch anomaly is possible to be corrected. But the correction insoles must be the same as the fitting of myopia glasses and then tailor-made, not free to buy.

Correction insoles must be tailor-made

         Some parents know that children have a flat foot, go online or to the store to buy a pair of children ready-made orthopedic insoles to use, some children feel after using the improved symptoms, but some complain about the more serious discomfort, which is how the back thing? Han Xiu-lan explained that corrective insoles and glasses, like the same, require rigorous fitting, tailor-made. Although the original flat feet, but each child's arch situation will be different, even with the same child left and right foot arch situation may vary greatly (such as one foot is flat feet, the other is normal). As mentioned above, children with flat feet are often accompanied by problems such as foot eight, knee valgus, hip external rotation, long legs and short legs. Each child may experience a great diversity of situations. When fitting orthopedic insoles, Skeletal development for evaluation, evaluation time needs 30-60 minutes. All aspects of the body should be considered, for example, the length of the legs of children with two insole thickness will be different, so correction insoles must be tailor-made, or child ankle abnormalities can not be corrected, and may even exacerbate the symptoms.

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