Why Kid’s Need Orthotic Insoles
- Jul 16, 2018 -

Why Kid’s Need Orthotic Insoles?

You may think that kids have it made. They’re so young and carefree and haven’t had time to develop any health diseases, right?

It would be great if that were true, but unfortunately it’s not. Kids often develop all types of health diseases just like adults. One disease that kids are more prone to develop is called Sever’s disease. This foot disease only occurs within children and has a huge impact on your child’s health. 

Sever’s disease results when activities such as walking, running or jumping affects the growth plate of the heel bone. This can occur from performing this activities too much and too often. Fortunately, there are types of Childrens Orthotic insoles created specifically for the purpose of Sever’s disease.



children’s orthotic insoles

When it comes to lacking good insoles, children’s shoes are no different than adult shoes. Most shoes lack the correct foot support and have thin foam or fabric insoles. Even if the cushioning seems to feels good on our feet, without correct arch support they can’t provide the support and comfort necessary for our health.

Most parents and adults are unaware that kids are born with flat feet since prior to birth, their feet have no need to support the body. The arches in their feet will start to develop as a response to standing and walking. Wearing orthotic insoles is very important to help feet develop the right kind of arch. Although no one knows specifically why some children grow out of flat feet and others don’t, we do know that it’s better to make sure the children’s feet are supported with orthotic insoles as they’re developing.

Here’s a list of a few different types of children’s Orthotic insoles:

915# Kids insoles. The specific harder or softer arch moulding provides unique supporting for children's in Media or Low Arch. It's fit children gentle feet perfectly,the heat-moldable actually from daily activities to let the entire insole fitting exactly,creating the idea architecture during growing up.

593 Heat Moldable /Kid’s orthotic insoles, is a perfect UCBL for the best construction for children's feet.cradle the gentle feet in right position in growing.

592 arch support orthotics is one of our best kids heat-moldable insoles, in semi-rigid, creating customizable Arch support.It's unique deep heel cup control the calcaneus in nature,like stabilizer to maintain the balance of foot perfectly.

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