Why People Need Heel Cups
- Nov 18, 2018 -

Why People Need Heel Cups 


heel cups

heel cups

Why would you want to consider heel cups for your shoes? Actually- there are several reasons to.

1. Heel cups offer pain relief to sore and sensitive heels.

2. Heel cups reduce foot fatigue.

3. Heel cups keep your heel properly aligned when you walk, thus preventing the development of other foot issues.

4. The American Podiatric Medical Association approves heel cups for their function in treating certain foot conditions.

5. Heel cups cushion your entire heel area.

6. Heel cups may be imperative for kids with Sever’s disease.

Heel cups come in two basic sizes – small/medium and medium/large. Which one you’ll select depends on the current shoe size you wear. If you’re a woman with a shoe size of 5 to 8, select the small/medium heel cups. If your feet are larger than size 8, go for the larger one.