Why These Over Pronation Insoles Are Really The Best On The Market
- Nov 19, 2018 -

Why These Over Pronation Insoles are Really The Best On The Market

One of the very best constructed pair of over pronation insoles I’ve seen yet are Birkenstock Blue Footbeds Casual Arch Support Insoles.  You can tell by looking at them that no matter what you do, your foot is not going to over pronate.


When it comes to the foot and how it works bio-mechanically, the term “pronation” is used a lot. As soon as you take a step forward with your heel onto the ground, your foot pronates – or turns inward – but just a little bit. This is normal for the foot.


However, when people have foot issues such as low arches (flat feet) or plantar fasciitis, what happens is that the bones of the foot that are supposed to form an arch collapse. A consequence of the collapse is that the foot splays out, kind of looking like a duck’s webbed feet, and the foot turns inward even more. It’s like you’re walking on the medial part of your feet.


over pronation insoles

over pronation insoles


Since every part of the body is connected, the over pronation will first affect your foot, then your ankle, then your knee, and next your hip. Your back and neck may also be affected.


The more your foot is allowed to splay out and the more of the bottom of your foot that touches the ground, the greater the likelihood you will end up with foot problems. It’s simply a matter of physics.


The answer is to put the foot back in alignment where it should be, and prevent the splaying out of the foot and the medial rotation. In short, if you had your arch back in the normal position, the over pronation wouldn’t happen. You need an arch support for this, and in fact, you need over pronation insoles that have an adequate arch support to keep your arch pumped up to the right height so it won’t fall.