Would You Solve Sesamoiditis With A Sesamoiditis Pad?
- Nov 20, 2018 -

Would You Solve Sesamoiditis with a Sesamoiditis Pad?

If you have a condition called sesamoiditis, your foot will hurt right under your big toe.

sesamoid bone

sesamoid bone



That’s where the sesamoid bones are located, and they are inflamed in this condition. People who are runners or cyclists are prone to develop the condition because of the repetitive motion involved in these sports.


So how would you solve this issue if you had it? Here are some potential methods to consider:



  1. Take an anti-inflammatory medication and call it a day.

  2. Stop running or cycling.

  3. Add an orthotic to your shoes.

  4. Use a sesamoiditis pad or insole


Although all of these will to some degree help, you probably won’t want to stop running or cycling. However, if you take an anti-inflammatory medication, you’ll subject yourself to medication side effects. You may want to try some herbal anti-inflammatory agents since they won’t have any side effects associated with them.


But if you want pretty immediate relief, then a sesamoiditis pad developed by podiatrists is really the way to go. The sesamoiditis pad alleviates the pressure put directly on that area of the foot.


And because you only have pain when the pressure is increased on the sesamoid bones, this is a logical answer to what to do if you have sesamoiditis. You may not need to stop running or cycling or to take an anti-inflammatory medication. However, combining a sesamoiditis pad with an orthotic that fits the needs of your feet is an even better solution.


A sesamoiditis pad can make the difference in your life, and be what keeps you active in your sport or every day life for years to come.