Your Children’s Feet Are Susceptible To Sever’s Disease
- Nov 21, 2018 -

Your Children’s Feet Are Susceptible To Sever’s Disease


Sever’s Disease is a disease that affects children, especially those who are in sports and athletics. It usually affects boys more than girls; those aged 9 to 11 years are most susceptible. This is the time when the growth spurts occur.

Sever’s Disease is a disease of the heel where there is repeated trauma to the heel,which injures the growth plates of the heel. The growth plates of a bone are specific areas of a bone where If you notice your child limping or tenderness / pain in the heel or if your child has severe pain after walking, jumping or during running.  If you squeeze the heel of your child, the action would cause pain.

Sever’s disease can affect only one heel but may affect both heels in more than 50% of those affected.



There are several different sports that can predispose one to this foot problem They include:
• Gymnastics
• Running
• Soccer
• Football
• Lacrosse
• Basketball



Sever’s disease is caused by several different things:
1.    Overusing the heel
2.    Overusing the tendons that insert into the heel (such as the Achilles tendon)
3.    Starting a new season of sports
4.    Excessive traction on the bones of the heel
5.    Walking barefoot.

The children most prone to develop Sever’s disease are those who overpronate their feet.

Sever’s Disease Treatment Starts with Foot Biomechanics

As a parent, you can do a lot for your child’s Severs Disease. It is thought that the disease only lasts for about two months, then goes away on its own. During the time of healing, you’ll want to pay attention to your child’s foot stability and biomechanics. Using kids insoles, children’s arch supports, and possibly arch angels children’s comfort insoles is a good way to start, and it makes a lot of sense. Your child is wearing shoes at least 10 hours a day so what he or she wears on his or her feet can make a bigger difference than some of the other activities which are relatively momentary.

Other Sever’s Disease Treatment

Besides the help you give your children KidZert’s Children’s Arch Support Insoles or the Arch Angels Childrens Comfort Insoles, you can take some extra measures during the eight weeks that your child suffers from the Severs disease condition. Here are five of them:微信图片_20181115194707.jpg

1. Elevating the heel
2. Stretching exercises, especially for the calf muscles
3. No running on hard surfaces
4. Stop any activities where the heel is stressed.
5. Ice the heel up to three times daily.

Think of what it’s like when you or someone you know or love has pneumonia. It might take 8 weeks to get over the pneumonia, but you want to do anything possible to make the healing period easier. You don’t want to do anything that could become a seed for future lung weakness.