High Heel Orthotic Insoles

High Heel Orthotic Insoles

0820 High Heel Insoles, the slim design fits expecially for Lady high Heel Shoes. Accomadate arch perfectly and reduces metatarsal weight bearing.


High Heel insoles

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Orthotic Insoles For Women

Metatarsal Cushions

Metatarsal Cushions

1. Product Specification of the High Heel Orthotic Insoles

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Main Material

Polyester Fabric+ EVA + Polyproplene Shell + Leather Sythentic


U.S. WOMEN 5# - 10.5#

EUROPE 34# - 42#




2. Product Introduction of the High Heel Orthotic Insoles

Product Introduction.jpg

This is a 3/4 Ladies High Heel Insole that slim design fits all types of Lady high heel shoes.  It can prevent metatasalgia normally for High Heel shoe wearer,reduces metatarsal and transverse arch bruising.

1.Metatarsalgia avoidence:It Met bar distributes pressure to entire foot plantar evenly,let the forefoot bottom free from Pain.

2.Arch Support:It provide extra arch support to help stabilize your feet and prevent strain and injury

3.Heel Cup:It has an integrated heel cup that uses a Polyproplene Hard supporting to catch the shock forces created with each step you take and redistribute them evenly to reduce trauma to help protect against heel strike,low back pain and fatigue.

4.Top Cover:It applies an innovative Anti-Bacterial top cover that "breathes" circulating air throughout the shoe to ventilate the foot with each step.

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