IDEASTEP Orthotic Insoles

IDEASTEP Orthotic Insoles

1009#IDEASTEP custom foot orthoses fabricating blanks are THE time saver. Designed to cut fabrication time in half, AIDESTEP will help you to produce truly custom -made orthoses that are indistinguishable from orthoses made by old, traditional methods. IDEASTEP also aid in the cast modification process, making this chore simple, neat, and fast! IDEASTEP is available in six different stock options or you can design your own.


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1.IDEASTEP orthotic insoles Specification

Product Specification.jpg

Place of OriginXIAMEN ,Fujian, China



Main Material



Customized Size


1000 Pair


Plastic bag, Plastic box,Paper box

2.IDEASTEP orthotic insoles Introduction

Product Introduction.jpg

1.The corrected insole perfectly matches your foot.

2.The insole and sole are more comfortable to stick to the foot, more stable to walk and relieve foot fatigue.

3.Othotic insoles perform functions that make daily activities more comfortable and efficient by changing the angle at which the feet hit the ground while standing, walking, jogging, running and jumping. 

3.Frequently Asked Question


Q1: What kind of payment ?

A: Your can pay both T/T, and L/C payment


Q2:Can I design my own packaging?

A: You provide us with the design pattern of the electronic file, we will help you customize the packaging.


Q11What type of packaging do you typically use for these items?

We have plastic boxes, plastic bags and paper boxes in our packing.It can also be customized according to the information provided by customers.



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