Low Arch Orthotics

Low Arch Orthotics

055-18-1 Arch orthotics expecially for low arch feet.It's semi-rigid Shell give the perfect fitting and supporting for all activities


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1. Product Specification of the Low Arch Orthotics

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Main Material

Velvet + POLIYUO + Polyproplene Shell+ PP


U.S. MEN 6# - 12+

EU: 35 - 46#




2. Product Introduction of the Low Arch Orthotics

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It fits in most types of shoes: Dress, casual, slip-on,boots,running, tennis, soccer, biking, walking, boots, and moregreat for all activities - relieves arch & heel pain. helps alleviate heel strike pain,low back pain and fatigue.

Metatarsal support for ball-of-foot comfort

Highly flexible comfort for active lifestyles

helps alleviate heel strike pain,low back pain and fatigue

Anti-bacterial top cover cools feet and helps reduce friction

Includes self-adhesive metatarsal pads for customized correction

Please directly with us inquiry more, we are dedicated to serve you!


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