Pronation Insoles for Shoes

Pronation Insoles for Shoes

622B-1 3/4 Casual Orthotic Insole special deviate arch pain and extra heel PPT Pad offloads pain associated with heel spurs.Nice arch shape eases pain of plantar fasciitis, Media Elastic red foam for Super Shock Absorbing and Comfortable, Unisex health insoles.


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1. Product Specification of the Pronation insoles for shoes

Product Specification.jpg



Main Material

Blue Stair Cloth + Red Shock absorption Rubber + Polyproplene Shell + Black Eva


U.S. MEN 6# - 12+

EU: 35 - 46#




2. Product Introduction of the Pronation insoles for shoes

Product Introduction.jpg

Orthotics insoles would clinically proven to prevention and cure foot deformities、foot affliction.

And this product was design by professional podiatrist. Be elaborate build by top-level factory. Clinically proven to can minimize pronation,Eases pain of plantar fasciitis - heel spurs and bunions. It's comprised of 4 separate layers, combining the best in both comfort and support.

We are committed to creating the highest quality products. Your order is our motivation.

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