Pronation Orthotic Inserts

Pronation Orthotic Inserts

622-1 Metatarsal and Arch Pain Relieving Orthotics is Universal orthotic insoles,combined with Memory Foam;is good for fat pad atrophy and arthritis degeneration;The rigid Shell preventing joint strain, relieving foot pain for whole day long.


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 Blue Eva
shoe inserts for comfort

1. Product Specification of the Pronation Orthotic Inserts

Product Specification.jpg



Main Material

Sky blue Polyester + Memory Foam + Polyproplene Shell + Blue Eva


U.S. MEN 6# - 12+

EU: 35 - 46#




2. Product Introduction of the Pronation Orthotic Inserts

Product Introduction.jpg

This insoles can helps align the lower limbs which may alleviate problems associated with achilles tendinitis, ankle sprains, bunions, freiberg's disease, hammertoes, lower back pain, metatasalgia, neuroma, plantar fasciitis, posteriror tibial weakness, shin splints, and tired feet. Great for work, walking, leisure and recreation.

It fit a variety of shoes, such as work boots, uniform shoes, walking shoes or other shoes that have removable insoles.  

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