Shock Cushioning Sport Insole

Shock Cushioning Sport Insole

025A Reducing heel strike superiorly by shock absorption. Good Stablely more relax and comfortable


Prefect Shock Cushioning Sport Insole

shock cushioning best sport insole

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1.Shock Cushioning Sport Insole Specification

Product Specification.jpg

Place of OriginXIAMEN ,Fujian, China



Main Material



Customized Size


1000 Pair


Plastic bag, Plastic box,Paper box

2.Shock Cushioning Sport Insole Introduction

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1.The design combines unique angles and curves, and the patented dual-density system provides both support and comfort for patients.

2.Improve sport activities

3.Avoid extrusion, promote foot blood circulation, relieve foot pain.

4.Stabilize feet and prevent strain and injury.

3.Frequently Asked Question


Q1: What is your MOQ?

A: Usually our MOQ will be1000pairs/model with mixed size.


Q2: Can you add my branding and logo on your products?

Of course, we will customize your logo .

Logo pressing including: Transfer printing ; Stamping printing ; Sublimated Graphic etc.

It can not only customize LOGO, but also customize thickness, hardness, color and material.

Q3: Are you a manufacturer ?

A: Yes, we are a large-scale factory with an area of 16,000 square meters and a total annual output of 70 million pairs

Q4: Is your product certified by an authority?

A:We have BSCI, SGS and IS9001 certificates.


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