Women's Orthotic Insoles

Orthotics are a biomechanical intervention. Mr. Kang Kai C.Ped,who set up our team specializing in Biomedical, Biological Materials ,Kinematics and Physiology, Accredited to the United States "American Board of Certification of Pedorthotic " to be the 1st Certification Pedorthist in China Mainland, Proficient in all kinds of foot orthoses., which provides custom orthotics to address a variety of foot problems. They work to change the way the foot is functioning from a functional point of view; or to accommodate a foot deformity. In addition to treating biomechanical foot problems such as flat feet or very high arches, orthotics are used to relieve pain from conditions such as plantar s fasciitis (also known as heel spurs), bunions, hammertoes and metatarsalgia. They are also used to address knee problems and even hip and back problems. They can reduce pressure, stress and strain on the feet and legs. Some people with chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis use orthotics to offload high-pressure areas, and many woman use orthotics to reduce pressure on the feet.
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Welcome to wholesale high quality women's orthotic insoles here from professional women's orthotic insoles manufacturers. For customized products, please inform our factory of details in advance.