Arch Support Insole

Arch Support Insole

No.10047 is our best selling style arch support insoles for women’s fit,it's also suit for people's sheel spurs, and plantar fasciitis including women,athlete&dress.





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1.Product Specification of the Arch Support Insole

Product Specification.jpg



Main Material

Orange Polyester Fabric + Skyblue polyurethane +   Yellow Polyurethane thermoplastic elastomer Shell


U.S. WOMEN 6# - 12#

EUROPE 35# - 41#




2. Product Introduction of the Arch Support Insole

Product Introduction.jpg

This athletic insoles has a semi-flexible arch support that for people with heel spurs, and plantar fasciitis, it aims to alleviate plantar fasciitis and heel spur pain.

It’s our best selling insoles for women's feet,providing comfortable movement and health correction to beautiful women users.

This style is characterized by the heel cup and the foam layer to relieve the pressure of the heel or bone spur, providing a cushioning effect to absorb and absorb

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F:What is the difference between this product and the high heel orthotic insoles ?

A: It is very suitable for women with foot health care,but the role of high heel orthotic insoles main  is the correction of female high heels feet, usual for high heels.  

And this Arch Support Insole is mainly used for the correction of foot pain, more suitable for life and sports wear. It is a comfortable insole.

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