Athletic Shoe Insoles

Athletic Shoe Insoles

929 insoles is a rigid low arch support that is good for people with plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. It best suited for Athletic and women.



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Place of OriginXIAMEN ,Fujian, China
Model No.929
Material Black Stair Polyester Fabric + White Soft Eva + Shork absorption Latex Heel and forefoot +Polupoplene


As per requirement

MOQ1000 Pairs


release pressure evenly and fitting well


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Athletic Shoe Insoles

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Athletic Insoles For Flat Feetinsoles for heel pain

High Heel Orthotic Insoles

1.A rigid low arch support  for relieve feet pain. designed to alleviate plantar fasciitis and heel spur pain

2.Fabric breathable top cover cools foot, anti-microbial & anti-bacterial

3.Foam for added comfort and cushioning - redistributes shock forces for continuous all day comfort

4.. Orthotics are shoe inserts that correct body misalignment and irregular walking patterns.

5..Accomodative Orthotics are perfectly and specifically fitted to the contours of your feet.

6..Functional Orthotics fit the exact shape of your feet,defusing pressure points and painful areas by redistributing your body weight.

7..Supports that do not fit the shape of your foot,like the generic pads found in any typical shoes,can result in increased pressure on the heel and/or the ball of foot.Our Orthotics improve the way you walk by correcting the angles at which the foot strikes the ground,increasing efficiency and comfort of your stride and stance.


       IDEASTEP is a locally owned & operated company based in Xiamen,China.We specialize in the proper

fitment of arch supports,and our own line of Prf-fabric & Custom orthotics.ldeastep manufactures these

Orthotics by utilizing technology,such as Moulding ;Assembling by production Line and 3D foot scanners

run with our proprietary software,and CNC mills,which are all designed and built right here in Xiamen.

We are medically accredited,employing highly trained & certified Pedorthists to ensure the fit and comfrt of our products.

Mr.Kang Kai have Graduated from "The Robert M.Plamer,M.D.Institute of Biomechanics",Specializing

in Biomedical,Biological Materials,Kinematics and Physiology,Accredited to the United States"American

Board of Certification of Pedorthotic" Certification Pedorthist number 4290#,Proficient in all kinds of foot


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our insole factory 

 We are Pedorthic Project Provider.

   Relying on our own Comprehensive Technical Team and Solid Manufacturing Plants, also integrating the top technical resources from USA and Europe to apply digital intelligent technology to the design and manufacture of orthopaedic products. To provide customers with a new comfortable and healthy wear experience.

orthotic insole factory Jinjiang Production Base:    

        Our factories has passed the SGS ; SA8000 & BSCI Certification, the annual production is more than 20 million Orthotic Insoles in different kinds

Pedorthotic Orthopedic Pedorthist:

     American registered Pedorthist (ABC), familiar with human biomechanics and orthopaedics, years of orthopedic experience in pedorthic  Mr. Kai Kang Team

Shoe - making Engineer  Shoe - making Engineer:

      Senior shoe industry technical experts from national shoes instutute  Mr.Zhangyi Chen Team

Material manufacturing expert   Material manufacturing expert:

      Expert in process, Materials and production Technology. Mr Rongshu Weng Team

Xiamen technical service center Xiamen technical service center

      Pedorthic diagnosis and treatment, Big Data Acquisition and analysis

Orthotic Research Center Jinjiang Research Center

  Product design, manufacturing and after-sales service


Q:Why would a runner need your insoles?

A: Running generates a lot of shock and this shock when passed into the body can cause strain and pain. Our running insoles are designed to disperse these shock waves,and they could stabilize the heel thus highly reducing the chances of sprains and related injuries. The running insoles also have propulsion properties and will give your step a boost.

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